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And I'm back with another big fandom. Gosh I HAD NEVER EXPECTED I would be caught in this fandom. Tohoshinki @.@. Gosh I love them. I used to hate them a lot, bashing, etc. But I can't resist their awesome music and talent. Dancing skills, fitness, etc etc. I always adore artists who can sing and dance at the same time -- or LIVE PERFORMANCE. Like AAA.

I would still note that I like to refer them as Tohoshinki, not Dong Bang Shin Ki because I like them more as Toho than Dong Bang. You understand what I'm saying, that I like their Japanese stuffs more than their Koreans. This might be biased because I'm not used to Korean language, and after I examined it further, Japanese language's syllabus make the lyrics makes better note pressure here and there. Uh, I dunno how to explain this, but Korean sounds too plain, not enough fluctuation in the lyrics. Ha, and Korean arrangement seems too western-ish for me (eventhough lately Toho's Japanese ballads also has a lot of western touch in it). Second reason is that the number of LIP-SYNCED performances in Korea. Man, I DON'T LIKE LIP-SYNC. I always think that a real artists don't lip-sync (no excuses how tired they are etc etc). Well I can compensate lip-sync portion though in a live DVD concert (quality reason). And one more important reason is that I don't want to be caught in Korean fandom. Period. Japanese fandom is enough for me. @.@ Gosh, I think Korean fangirls (and fanboys maybe?) are scary. I always think that KAT-TUN fangirls are the scariest but I think Korean fangirls as a whole is more scarier. I think Korean artists can't do anything without their lovely fangirls. Not a thing.

Move on. How's the story of my Toho's fandom?
It was all started by SNSD (Girl's Generation). In the very start, I saw my friend on facebook posting SNSD pictures on their Facebook group. I was curious (and had nothing to do) so I check them out. Oh well, they are pretty, long legs, smooth skin, etc etc. I tried their music, and oh well its really catchy! Then after a while exploring, I found out about SNSD's lead vocal TaeYeon relationship scandal with Junsu of Toho. Tohoshinki? That Dong Bang Shin Ki ah? NAHHH it's all started!!!

Before, I had already liked their song Purple Line but never really put more attention to it. I put it on my frequently played playlist, but that was all. Well, I played O 'sei han go' and Choosey Lover a couple times, but that was all. After a while, this JPOPSUKI Tracker put 'T' Live Concert Tour on TBS, I was randomly clicked and downloaded it. Oh and I didn't have any Torrent download at that (so it was just 10% curiousity). Downloading that file was such pain in the ass coz not many seeders were there, and it took me almost a week to download it. Thanks God I didn't stop the download (I nearly did a couple times) coz I found the concert AMAZING. Usually I just fast-watching concerts which artists I don't really like, but at that time, NO SKIPPING. Gosh I was stunned. Such an awesome concert. The dancing is just very disciplined, and the vocals are AWESOME. FLAWLESS. It was LIVE PERFORMANCES. Dance and sing at the same time. It 's HARD. I don't even skip the ballad songs (usually I do). It was just stunning. Flawless. And one performance that really PWNS me is the Rising Sun. GOSH I LOVE THAT SONG AND PERFORMANCE. And it was a LIVE PERFORMANCE. Can guarantee that. And I really respect that. I remember seeing that song performed in a-nation '06. I remember I was also stunned by their live perf with such a difficult dance moves. But I skipped it back then coz I hated them being Korean performed in Japanese. Oh well.

Most favourited member? Nah now it is a big question. I have never liked Korean faces. So I don't really have one fave member right now. Changmin is the most Japanese-looking guy there, but he's too silent in Japanese talkshow. Well for now I want to state that I like JUNSU!! Haha, I really enjoyed his oyaji gag jokes in Hey3x. That is really entertaining. Really funny! And looks like he sings with all his heart. Jaejoong doesn't look too real for me. For me, he sings -- but just sing. No real emotions. *roll eyes* I have never believed in his singing passion. I admit that his voice is really goooood (especially in some ballad songs like Hug and Asu wa kuru kara), in some songs, I don't really like his vibration all over the phrases. SOmeone talk about his singing changing for Japanese songs? I would like to know in more depth about that. I always like to get technical.

So that was how the fandom started. It's so much pain if I write all my current ramblings, rant and opinion here (coz I have 2 final exams coming tomorrow ^^;;). But in short, I love them for being the real artists (if not boyband). They can sing (oh yea their acapella is amazing and real as hell), dance, and entertain. Now that I think about it, it is kinda funny how I can 'transfer' from JE fandom to Toho fandom. It is quite a big gap.

Now I have expanded my list of fave artists. Meaning that I had been caught in their fandom (and being a more-than-normal fangirl) : Ayumi, KinKi Kids, EXILE, AAA, and Tohoshinki. Man, Tohoshinki fandom seems to be TOO HUGE. I really don't want to get too deep into this. I have life. Haha I wonder if I can do that :p.
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Haha I know I'm late. New year doesn't make much sense to me coz it's just the same passing days. Hmm... nantoka.. I feel like writing here again :P. In 3 days I will be returning to US. Honestly I don't feel excited at all, remembering all things I will go through. Sometimes I think that my feelings for him have not all vanished. I still feel unease whenever I think of him and my friend. I just.. don't know what to do now. All I should think is, I should be happy seeing him happy with another person. And I should be happy to for that person because after all she is my close friend. Haha, love is not as simple as what you see and read in movies or book.

The most important thing is to keep being myself! Don't think too much, just focus on school! If I should I can just study like crazy in library and ignore verything else! Just keep watching dorama ne... lol. Watching doramas while Im in Indo reminds me the hype of it when I was in high school. It's interesting yet encouraging. Haha. By the way, everyone, I recomend you all to watch Byakuyakou!!! Yamada Takayuki and Haruka Ayase's acting is GREAT as hell. haha enough off topic :p
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Five months staying in other country has brought me a lot of memories. This year is gonna end with so much memories! There were times I didn't feel like being myself, there were times I felt like running out of the reality. Yeah, that kind of depressing times were there. I learned so much how to life in social life, noting that before I focused way too much on my precious computer, my hobbies, etc. I got into people, I talked, I socialized. And yeah, I wont get everything I want. I remember I always get what I wanted, like, being the leader in my high school's marching band, being designer leader, being good on this and that, and topped things. I always got what I wanted, seriously. I remember there are one time I felt really pissed off because I didn't get what I want; which is to win a fashion design competition. For honest, that time I felt like it was the first time I didn't succeed. Well, I got the second time within the 5 months I was in US. It felt really depressing. I just didn't know how to react to that kind of situation. I cried, and I refused to accept the truth. Honestly I was hoping that I could get it. Maybe some people may find me way too complicated, but thats how I am doing. I couldn't let go of something so easily. Sorry if you guys don't understand what I am talking about, I just want to write. :)

There will be a lot of things happen in 2008. I'll stay the whole year in US, I will have to face everything! I should be more mature, I should grow up. I think I moaned too much in these 5 months. I have to be able to keep things to myself, try to solve problems by myself. Be an indepenent girl, I should be, coz thats what I've been trained back in high school, isn't it!? I come to US for study, and that how it always be. I have target to accomplish! I remember, I said to my sister "I don't do much design and music these days, Im going out a lot and I dont have time and mood for doing such things", and my sis replied "well, it's okay, you have done much of those back in high school, now it's time for socialization." Backthen, I was like "uuhhh okay, you're right." But now I think I should do what I used to do, coz that's what I am! That's what makes me here with all the proudness I have.

I realized that I have underestimated some of my courses last semester. I kept on telling myself to work hard so that I won't regret anything. But the fact is I didn't do my best, I really didn't. Next semester I WILL do my best, even with all those distractions!!!! X( Yeah, I know it will be much more distracting and depressing. Buuut I have friends I can always lay on.:DDD OOk!! GANBARIMASUU!
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Maaan I feel really screwed up. I knew I'm going to have a really bad mark on my math, but when it comes to reality, I feel really stupid. If I knew it will happen, then why didn't I try to make it better? Well, I DID TRY to make it better, but I DID NOT TRY hard enough. Maaann, honestly I just knew what it means by 'study hard in university' during the finals week, by looking at my friends who worked really hard. I should do that too! This next semester will be harder, and I should stay on focus. I have done enough things to make me distracted in my first semester! Won't let the same things happened again. I should be myself, do whatever I want myself to do. Shit man.
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Just a few days more and this semester ends. Mannnnn it feels sooo fast!! Feels like I just arrived here in late August. I really don't expect this will be this fast. There are a lot of things happened, both sad and happy things; joyous and depressing times. I learned a lot how to life in this society, well, maybe just a little, about friendship, relationship, and much more. I want to be wiser to decide and look over things in my life. :) On Sunday I will return to Indo... will have some kind of refreshment and new spirit!! I think I kinda forget my original targets since I arrived here, I should stay on focus!! :D
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I was tagged by garnet-moon07 to answer these 8 random truth.

Tell eight random truths about yourself and then, tag eight others to do the same

1. Actually I don't like chatting. The reason I'm having MSN is to 'decorate' my desktop. If we can meet, then why we must type up all the conversation? Isnt that wasting time? Exceptions are for friends who are abroad! :P Furthermore, I like to put 'busy' sign to keep the sounds off, and I'm really doing other things beside chatting!

2. I want to be a music composer! Even if the major I will take is soooo far away from music, but I still have dreams to be a music creator. Isnt that fun to create a song by yourself? Putting instrument that you like, and typing up the words? Yeaah I really like that! Too bad I dun hv enough equipment. I want to go to a music class.

3. I always want to make my clothing style a trend. XP Jeans and sandals. I love to wear sandals. And shiny loose shirt. Now, my cloths stock are so limited, that's why you will see me wearing the same thing over and over gain. lol. I really mean it when I said "There's no other cloth available" xP

4. I'm truly thankful for my art sense, but I never feel satisfy enought for all the design I made for real stuffs. U know, like logos, posters, shirt, and such. I think they're not good enough to be published! ><;; I feel relieved when my friends praised them, but stillll something is not right with the design!

5. I like to sing! When my sister used her computer speaker, I will use the headphone. THat time, I'll sing like a singer XP it gets worse when I'm playing karaoke tracks. I feel pity for my sister to hear my singing, but it can't be helped. I just wanna sing along!!!

6. I'm a japanese music fan, but I love my money more. lol. I myself dont hv that much money to use, so I will only buy things that I reallllyyyy urge to buy, and mostly it ends up to be a live tour DVD. To buy that DVD, there must be many pros and cons of 'why I must have this thing', 'how much is the satisfaction rate?', 'what are the bonus stuffs?', and much more. Basically, the satisfaction! So far, I only have 4 DVDs which are Koichi's ENDLESS SHOCK, Koichi's MIRROR con, EXILE EVOLUTION, and AAA's 3rd ATTACK. :D :D :D

7. AAA is a group which songs suits my music style the best. Their releases are always TOP for me. AAA pwns me with their songs; vocals great, energetic, rich in arrangement, and also great in visual performance. They also hv boys and girls members so they're kinda 'neutral'. KinKi Kids still tops my fave artist ranking, followed by EXILE, AAA, Ayumi Hamasaki. There's Ai Otsuka but I think she's not there yet. The best performer is still Ayumi. EXILE wins for its perfectness.

8. Hmmmh.. the last thing. What yah? XD Well,, basically I live my life happily! No significance nuisance, everything goes smoothly. I'm blessed with many things and I am glad to be myself! :D

Passing this to Tarin, Nadya, and anyone who read this! XD

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Seishun Hanabi
Youth Fireworks

Days were so strainful
I hold myself straight and look down
Who am I anyway?

*Struggling in this busy city
My view blocked by the wall
To surpass the weakness
At time that you and I were together

After all was done
My heart was a bit lighter
Only with single words "good job"
and "thanks"

back to *

**It's spreading in the night sky
In bright colors
Smiling at that small time
The yellow stars are crying
Beside the half moon
Someday we'll light it once again
Our fireworks of youth

I wont forget it, even only a bit
I learnt friendship and toughness
We cant go back to that time anymore
But I believe...

When you're lost in despair
When our voice are so far away
It was carved in the sky night
The youth fireworks

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utk pertama kalinya i liburan kepikiran peer dan sekolah. tapi kali ini emang bener2 BANYAK yang hrs dikerjakan!
1. tugas sejarah - 28 oct
2. tugas bi - 3 nov
3. tugas kn - 3 nov
4. presentasi kmia
5. karya tulis : 1. bab 1 2. bab 2
6. sat 2
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yap, udah kebayang bakal jadi kayak apa karya lomba kimia gw yg bagian pertama. hmmm interesting bgt sih buatnya en bikin jd lbh explore flash.. tp bener2 gak sempet ngliat contoh2 dulu deh. Aaaaa waktu produksi terlalu lelet.. hrs kerja lbh cepat lagiii. T___T Caranya? hrs tau draft mo bikin kyk apa dulu di otak baru dijalanin!! Target besok yaitu kelar semua draft bagian pertama, kl bs betulin animasi yg sifat2 periodik.

Gw gak tau knp gw nyetujuin utk ikut lomba animasi biologi!! Padahal gw tau kl mau menang hrs pake yg namanya 3D!!! Sinting!! Dan september uda full kegiatan livein-ret2 pulaaa!!! aaaa mana kimia jg belon kelar juga! pokoknya bsok hrs KELAR 1 bagian kimia!!! Soal karya tulis, ngebut di oktober!!!!!!!! bisa laah! Okeh2! Utk biologi, gw sarankan pd diri sendiri utk MENCARI PARTER krn kaw lemah dlm ide, vin. Baaahhh. Mgk bikin kyk discovery channel, coz topiknya metabolisme (gubraaak), tarohan pst si bu pet maw memanfaatkan jg utk media pemblajaran dia juga. Beeh.

Dah ah mo bobo, mo merasakan bedcover baruuuuuu~ hari ini hasil lmyn byk (krn jam kerja jg byk T__T)
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Things to do, dan sptnya makin hari makin bikin depressed;
1. Lomba MPP TIK
2. Karya Tulis Cyanide
3. Deisgn menuju 150th
4. Filling application.

Gue mikir emang harus lbh efisien hari2 gue, trus hrs ada RENCANA!!! BEH. bisa2 bbrp hari lewat begitu saja. So.
27 agustus ..... kerangka karya tulis, en at least bab history suda kelar
31 agustus ..... draft MPP kelar. Di PPT atau Flash (?)
Design menjuju 150th belom ada kepastian logo yang fix. BEH. gimana yah.. pasti itu ntar jg recot berat, ditambah pulang malem gara2 TC.
Hari ini hari rabu malem, otomatis yg efektif mule besok kamis.
Sabtu malem (lembur yoo)--> mule bikin MPP (uda ada bahannya). tapi ni hari plg malem jg sptnya.
Jumat malem --> filling application. belajar (Kmgknan besar remed bude)
Kamis malem --> belajar. nyicil kerangka karya tulis. tanya ttg perkembangan 150th.
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