Iza (ashitae) wrote,

Seishun Hanabi
Youth Fireworks

Days were so strainful
I hold myself straight and look down
Who am I anyway?

*Struggling in this busy city
My view blocked by the wall
To surpass the weakness
At time that you and I were together

After all was done
My heart was a bit lighter
Only with single words "good job"
and "thanks"

back to *

**It's spreading in the night sky
In bright colors
Smiling at that small time
The yellow stars are crying
Beside the half moon
Someday we'll light it once again
Our fireworks of youth

I wont forget it, even only a bit
I learnt friendship and toughness
We cant go back to that time anymore
But I believe...

When you're lost in despair
When our voice are so far away
It was carved in the sky night
The youth fireworks
Tags: iza

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