Iza (ashitae) wrote,

I was tagged by garnet-moon07 to answer these 8 random truth.

Tell eight random truths about yourself and then, tag eight others to do the same

1. Actually I don't like chatting. The reason I'm having MSN is to 'decorate' my desktop. If we can meet, then why we must type up all the conversation? Isnt that wasting time? Exceptions are for friends who are abroad! :P Furthermore, I like to put 'busy' sign to keep the sounds off, and I'm really doing other things beside chatting!

2. I want to be a music composer! Even if the major I will take is soooo far away from music, but I still have dreams to be a music creator. Isnt that fun to create a song by yourself? Putting instrument that you like, and typing up the words? Yeaah I really like that! Too bad I dun hv enough equipment. I want to go to a music class.

3. I always want to make my clothing style a trend. XP Jeans and sandals. I love to wear sandals. And shiny loose shirt. Now, my cloths stock are so limited, that's why you will see me wearing the same thing over and over gain. lol. I really mean it when I said "There's no other cloth available" xP

4. I'm truly thankful for my art sense, but I never feel satisfy enought for all the design I made for real stuffs. U know, like logos, posters, shirt, and such. I think they're not good enough to be published! ><;; I feel relieved when my friends praised them, but stillll something is not right with the design!

5. I like to sing! When my sister used her computer speaker, I will use the headphone. THat time, I'll sing like a singer XP it gets worse when I'm playing karaoke tracks. I feel pity for my sister to hear my singing, but it can't be helped. I just wanna sing along!!!

6. I'm a japanese music fan, but I love my money more. lol. I myself dont hv that much money to use, so I will only buy things that I reallllyyyy urge to buy, and mostly it ends up to be a live tour DVD. To buy that DVD, there must be many pros and cons of 'why I must have this thing', 'how much is the satisfaction rate?', 'what are the bonus stuffs?', and much more. Basically, the satisfaction! So far, I only have 4 DVDs which are Koichi's ENDLESS SHOCK, Koichi's MIRROR con, EXILE EVOLUTION, and AAA's 3rd ATTACK. :D :D :D

7. AAA is a group which songs suits my music style the best. Their releases are always TOP for me. AAA pwns me with their songs; vocals great, energetic, rich in arrangement, and also great in visual performance. They also hv boys and girls members so they're kinda 'neutral'. KinKi Kids still tops my fave artist ranking, followed by EXILE, AAA, Ayumi Hamasaki. There's Ai Otsuka but I think she's not there yet. The best performer is still Ayumi. EXILE wins for its perfectness.

8. Hmmmh.. the last thing. What yah? XD Well,, basically I live my life happily! No significance nuisance, everything goes smoothly. I'm blessed with many things and I am glad to be myself! :D

Passing this to Tarin, Nadya, and anyone who read this! XD

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