July 28th, 2008

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And I'm back with another big fandom. Gosh I HAD NEVER EXPECTED I would be caught in this fandom. Tohoshinki @.@. Gosh I love them. I used to hate them a lot, bashing, etc. But I can't resist their awesome music and talent. Dancing skills, fitness, etc etc. I always adore artists who can sing and dance at the same time -- or LIVE PERFORMANCE. Like AAA.

I would still note that I like to refer them as Tohoshinki, not Dong Bang Shin Ki because I like them more as Toho than Dong Bang. You understand what I'm saying, that I like their Japanese stuffs more than their Koreans. This might be biased because I'm not used to Korean language, and after I examined it further, Japanese language's syllabus make the lyrics makes better note pressure here and there. Uh, I dunno how to explain this, but Korean sounds too plain, not enough fluctuation in the lyrics. Ha, and Korean arrangement seems too western-ish for me (eventhough lately Toho's Japanese ballads also has a lot of western touch in it). Second reason is that the number of LIP-SYNCED performances in Korea. Man, I DON'T LIKE LIP-SYNC. I always think that a real artists don't lip-sync (no excuses how tired they are etc etc). Well I can compensate lip-sync portion though in a live DVD concert (quality reason). And one more important reason is that I don't want to be caught in Korean fandom. Period. Japanese fandom is enough for me. @.@ Gosh, I think Korean fangirls (and fanboys maybe?) are scary. I always think that KAT-TUN fangirls are the scariest but I think Korean fangirls as a whole is more scarier. I think Korean artists can't do anything without their lovely fangirls. Not a thing.

Move on. How's the story of my Toho's fandom?
It was all started by SNSD (Girl's Generation). In the very start, I saw my friend on facebook posting SNSD pictures on their Facebook group. I was curious (and had nothing to do) so I check them out. Oh well, they are pretty, long legs, smooth skin, etc etc. I tried their music, and oh well its really catchy! Then after a while exploring, I found out about SNSD's lead vocal TaeYeon relationship scandal with Junsu of Toho. Tohoshinki? That Dong Bang Shin Ki ah? NAHHH it's all started!!!

Before, I had already liked their song Purple Line but never really put more attention to it. I put it on my frequently played playlist, but that was all. Well, I played O 'sei han go' and Choosey Lover a couple times, but that was all. After a while, this JPOPSUKI Tracker put 'T' Live Concert Tour on TBS, I was randomly clicked and downloaded it. Oh and I didn't have any Torrent download at that (so it was just 10% curiousity). Downloading that file was such pain in the ass coz not many seeders were there, and it took me almost a week to download it. Thanks God I didn't stop the download (I nearly did a couple times) coz I found the concert AMAZING. Usually I just fast-watching concerts which artists I don't really like, but at that time, NO SKIPPING. Gosh I was stunned. Such an awesome concert. The dancing is just very disciplined, and the vocals are AWESOME. FLAWLESS. It was LIVE PERFORMANCES. Dance and sing at the same time. It 's HARD. I don't even skip the ballad songs (usually I do). It was just stunning. Flawless. And one performance that really PWNS me is the Rising Sun. GOSH I LOVE THAT SONG AND PERFORMANCE. And it was a LIVE PERFORMANCE. Can guarantee that. And I really respect that. I remember seeing that song performed in a-nation '06. I remember I was also stunned by their live perf with such a difficult dance moves. But I skipped it back then coz I hated them being Korean performed in Japanese. Oh well.

Most favourited member? Nah now it is a big question. I have never liked Korean faces. So I don't really have one fave member right now. Changmin is the most Japanese-looking guy there, but he's too silent in Japanese talkshow. Well for now I want to state that I like JUNSU!! Haha, I really enjoyed his oyaji gag jokes in Hey3x. That is really entertaining. Really funny! And looks like he sings with all his heart. Jaejoong doesn't look too real for me. For me, he sings -- but just sing. No real emotions. *roll eyes* I have never believed in his singing passion. I admit that his voice is really goooood (especially in some ballad songs like Hug and Asu wa kuru kara), in some songs, I don't really like his vibration all over the phrases. SOmeone talk about his singing changing for Japanese songs? I would like to know in more depth about that. I always like to get technical.

So that was how the fandom started. It's so much pain if I write all my current ramblings, rant and opinion here (coz I have 2 final exams coming tomorrow ^^;;). But in short, I love them for being the real artists (if not boyband). They can sing (oh yea their acapella is amazing and real as hell), dance, and entertain. Now that I think about it, it is kinda funny how I can 'transfer' from JE fandom to Toho fandom. It is quite a big gap.

Now I have expanded my list of fave artists. Meaning that I had been caught in their fandom (and being a more-than-normal fangirl) : Ayumi, KinKi Kids, EXILE, AAA, and Tohoshinki. Man, Tohoshinki fandom seems to be TOO HUGE. I really don't want to get too deep into this. I have life. Haha I wonder if I can do that :p.
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