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Haha I know I'm late. New year doesn't make much sense to me coz it's just the same passing days. Hmm... nantoka.. I feel like writing here again :P. In 3 days I will be returning to US. Honestly I don't feel excited at all, remembering all things I will go through. Sometimes I think that my feelings for him have not all vanished. I still feel unease whenever I think of him and my friend. I just.. don't know what to do now. All I should think is, I should be happy seeing him happy with another person. And I should be happy to for that person because after all she is my close friend. Haha, love is not as simple as what you see and read in movies or book.

The most important thing is to keep being myself! Don't think too much, just focus on school! If I should I can just study like crazy in library and ignore verything else! Just keep watching dorama ne... lol. Watching doramas while Im in Indo reminds me the hype of it when I was in high school. It's interesting yet encouraging. Haha. By the way, everyone, I recomend you all to watch Byakuyakou!!! Yamada Takayuki and Haruka Ayase's acting is GREAT as hell. haha enough off topic :p

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